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Overview: With industry experience for more than 10 years, OMEC provides customers with correct and reasonable dispersion methods and guides to choose dispersion medium & the refractive index of sample according to difficult dispersion of coating powder and the characteristics of specific sample.
Application Information:
1. Know test report General test report involves test parameters, characteristics particle size, distribution curve and distribution form, etc. Electrostatic spraying of powder coatings industry more
Customers care about cost performance very much for the selection of particle size analyzers, suggestions of indexes below can be considered: 1. Repeatability, the repetitive error level of results f
1. Laser particle size analyzer has become one of the most popular testing instruments at present. It has many advantages as below: Large dynamic range means the larger specific value of maximum and
1. appearance, levelling property Generally speaking, the smaller the powder particle size is, the better the levelling property when coating curing will be, the appearance of the coating film w
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