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Service process:

STEP 1: multi-channel to receive use information from users
Any questions for the using of products, users can contact us:
1) Service hotline: + 86 756 3395365, 3395855, 3395959
2) Email:
3) Relayed through acquaintances, etc.
All opinions or problems will be dealt with as specific service matters after being received.

STEP 2: centralized processing of use information from users
The use information received from users by multi-channels will be classified and followed up uniformly by our service personnel. If need further communication with users, we will contact actively without delay and confirm the requirements of users’.

STEP 3: later follow-up of quality
Specially-assigned person will be responsible for those user information need to be followed up. Visiting service if needed, will be held by specially-assigned person

STEP 4: follow up by specially-assigned person
Quality tracking and evaluation of service quality will be carried out regularly by our service person after the completion of each order.

STEP 5: comprehensive feedback information
To integrate the opinions and problems received from users and to feed back to relevant departments without delay.

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