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Technology innovation is only route of turning theories into real products. For over ten years’ development, OMEC has achieved many innovative fruits:

1.Scattered light detection around a sphere surface
Bring forward the spherical layout of large angle detectors, the simple optic structure solves
the problem of the accurate focusing of large angle scattered light.

2.Scattered light detection in two mutually perpendicular planes
The patent is to receive the scattered light on two mutually perpendicular surfaces, the average value of the two received light intensity represents the light intensity of the scattering angle. This can significantly reduce the scattered light intensity fluctuations.

3.Trapezium measurement window
This patent overcomes the constraints of the perfect reflection, and makes the theoretic detectable scattering angle up to 90 degrees by changing the traditional parallel-plate glass window into trapezoidal glass.

4.The application of the on-line Laser particle size measurement technology in the classing of abrasive powders
By adopting the laser particle size analyzing technology, the classing accuracy has been greatly improved.

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