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A New Journey Sailing from Wuxi

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At the beginning of the New Year, thanks to the support and trust of new and regular customers, OMEC Training Class of Particle Size Measuring Technology was held successfully at Wuxi on January 09, 2013. There were 121 people to attend this class, mainly the head of non-metallic mineral, coating, abrasives, cement, ceramics, scientific research institutions and etc.

Before the start of the training course, OMEC’s General Manager Mr Giles Simcock made a speech to introduce the relationships between OMEC and UK Spectris Group, he stressed that OMEC has been working according to Spectris advanced management process, strong support in technology has been provided, so let OMEC’s products and services get further improvement on the basis of the original.

This training class focused on the teaching of the use and maintenance knowledge of laser particle size analyzers and resistance particle counter, was special to teach the samples’ preparation methods & skills in test procedure. Meanwhile, the field demonstration of our new product TopSizer won the praise from customers for its good performance. Many customers said they really need these high-end instruments like TopSizer with more broad testing range and better measuring performance.

The survey results of the training class show that customers made a high evaluation with 100% satisfaction for our engineers’ sincere services of solving problems, including 53% great satisfaction and 47% quite satisfaction, indicating that the customers can clearly feel OMEC service advantages.

Good experience evaluation from customers is our motivation, we are devoting ourselves to provide better products and services for our customers on the basis of international advanced management experience, our new journey for OMEC’s development will set out from Wuxi.


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