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OMECs New Journey for IPB

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In October last year, OMEC obtained the 10-year Loyal Customer Prize issued by NurnbergMesse China, this prize witnessed the close cooperation between OMEC and IPB. In the last ten years, IPB has been regarding as one of the most important publicity platforms for OMEC, we make activities through this platform, including new products release, enterprise image show, customers exchange and etc., and have achieved favorable effects.
From Oct. 15, 2013 to Oct. 17, 2013, IPB was held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center, OMEC showed its powerful corporate strength, as one of the biggest booth in all particle size analyzer enterprises, OMEC booth was located in the center of exhibition hall, the deep blue tone of OMEC CI was a splendid landscape of the exihibition, which passing on OMEC spirit, science, creativity, wisdom.
In this exhibition, there are 4 types of products with 3 principles showed, including TopSizer, RC-3000, PIP8.1 and LS-C(). TopSizer was still one of the highlights, no matter visiting customers or the professions were very interested in this equipment, some focused how to ensure the measuring range, others focused on its test stability and authenticity, our staff made detailed explanations to let customers know better about the good performance of the instrument, of which one customer came to our booth and checked for a while, he said “your company looks like so powerful, even the beaker for sample dispersion uses Germany Duran ”, one simple evaluation brought our deep feelings, it’s really the details determine success of failure. An excellent optic test equipment is composed by hundreds of spare parts, one part with lacked precision will result in the excursion of test data. Customer’s recognition makes our more confident for our products, we firmly believe that, it’s the instrument with most excellent test performance in domestic laser particle size analyzers.

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