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The official launch of LS-POP9laser particle size analyzer

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    In this midsummer, a new heavyweight product-LS-POP (9) from Omec has come into the market.

    Four years ago today, UK Spectris plc brought the advanced management experience to Omec, since then, Omec has been stepping on the road of international operation. Four years later, Omec releases a bran-new product with accumulated innovative strength.
    In China, most of people who work on particle size measurement or analysis have seen or heard of Omec LS-POP (6). As the symbol of domestic original laser particle size analyzer, the series of POP have created several history records: the first domestic particle size analyzer with more than 1000 sales volume, the most sales volume for single model in domestic particle size analyzers, and the most market inventory in domestic particle size analyzers and so on. The past glorious history of POP is our valuable asset, it’s also the wheels of progress.
    As the improvement of domestic production level in recent years, the industrial transformation and upgrading are needed, the market asks for higher standard for particle size measurement, LS-POP (9) is a new cost-effective laser particle size analyzer designed and manufactured by Omec relying on powerful R&D managerial experience from Spectris and combining the market application features of LS-POP (6), this instrument adopts new optical platform and uses many innovative technologies in the aspect of overall design, optical design, tool debugging, material selection, installation technology and etc., which improve the testing performance of the instrument significantly. Some parts are imported original devices, so we can ensure the high cost performance on the basis of controlling the cost effectively.
    Omec will hold the lead position in the increasingly competitive market, and Omec is always and will be devoted to provide more cost-effective products for our customers. With the support of Spectris, Omec will move on steadily.
    For more details of our products, please visit Omec official website.

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